Toy Story 3 Prison Part 1 Scene (Disney Channel Version)

This video features the Disney Channel version of part 1 of the Prison scene from Toy Story 3. When Andy’s toys realized that they needed to go home, they tried to convince Lotso if they could leave, but he didn’t want them to leave, mostly because they just got to Sunnyside. And when Lotso said that the kids love new toys, Mr. Potato Head said that he and the other toys were chewed, kicked, and drooled on. And when Lotso called Mrs. Potato Head, “Sweet Potato”, she got so mad, that she started arguing with Lotso, until he took her mouth off. And then, Mr. Potato Head took her mouth back. And as Jessie was leaving, Lotso told her that she wasn’t going anywhere. But little did Jessie knew that Lotso was right, especially because Buzz was on Lotso’s side now. And what’s even worse, Lotso commanded Buzz to lock the toys up after he told him to capture them! And even more worse, when Barbie found out that Ken was actually on Lotso’s side, she was through with him. And then after Barbie took her scarf back from Ken, Buzz locked her up in the cage too. But as for Mr. Potato Head, he was put inside the box. And then, Buzz started to explain that if any of the toys were out of their cage or talked back, then they are spending the night in the box. And then after Lotso explained how the toys at Sunnyside make the kids happy, he tossed Woody’s hat, and Jessie thought that Lotso did something to him. And then, Lotso and the other toys went back to the Butterfly Room. And then, Andy’s toys started to wonder, “What’s gotten into Buzz?”

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